21 dating a 31 year old


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Why aren’t more women open to dating younger men?

Students reveal all here Page 1 of 1. Go to first unread. Report Thread starter 3 years ago 1. I'm 20 and just started a relationship with a guy who's 32 - is it weird? Report 3 years ago 2.

How Young is Too Young to Date?

Personally id be really pushing it by dating someone that much younger than me, as i doubt wed have many common interests. Ive grown out of the whole going out every weekend for instance.

Report 3 years ago 3. Report 3 years ago 4. You're both adults and you know what you want so there is nothing weird about it. Love transcends age - unless you are under-age Which you're not. Report 3 years ago 5.

Why Do Women Choose Older Men?

No it's not weird. I was 21 when I started dating my current partner.


Report 3 years ago 6. Yes, it's incredibly weird. There's a huge maturity gap present.

I'd wonder why he isn't looking to date someone closer to his age. Report 3 years ago 7.


You're an adult so no, it hardly matters. As long as you're matched in terms of maturity and what you want out of a relationship and life in general, it's cool.

Report 3 years ago 8. I'm 20 and dating a 37 year old actually and having an awesome time! We've been dating for going on three months and couldn't be much happier: It helps that he's young at heart and looks about 30 and I'm quite mature and look about 25 I think. Report 3 years ago 9. Original post by WildBerrySpirit Yes, it's incredibly weird. Report 3 years ago Original post by FireGarden Because a 20 year old woman is almost always more physically attractive than a 32 year old woman.

What You Must Know Before Dating an Older Man | PairedLife

It wasn't a question directed at physical attactivness, but more in relation to mental maturity. Original post by eshdentist No it's not weird. Plus, research says that women hit their sexual prime later than men, so you may well be doing yourself a favour going younger. And it ends up not working.

Dating: 20s Vs. 30s

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