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Sous02 on January 06, , January 06, , LAman Hero Member Posts: Faux Pas on January 06, , Life isn't tied with a bow, but it's still a gift. Bill, those pics are funny Would you believe I almost met your 'odesa girl' once??? She was a friend with one of girls in group I was with. Would have been great to ask her about her 'intentions'!!! Hi folks, mixed reactions She said she will continue to email me but said she would like if we could use the agency site once a week because the aid of the translator gives the true colour and meaning to the message we intend. I think that is a fairly clear indication that she is in some sort of contract with the agency to keep my few pound rolling in.

Yes that is the same story I got. I have now met a beautiful woman who I am marrying next month. She uses Google translator and with a little patience everything works out fine. Thousands of letters, msg, and skype. Find a subscription site before you think you have feelings for this lady.

I joined ElenasModels yday. It's just the chance that she may actually be genuine which makes me think that I'm being too judgemental too quickly. We all learn best from our own experience no matter how hard that experience is. However, after all that talk Sous, my gut says save my money and leave her. No site is perfect. Somehow my name ended up on Elena's even though I never joined. Really I encourage you to move. If not watch for this. Hard to get an email reply but her replies via the agency are relatively quick and often.

I should have known better but I thought I had the one honest one in what I soon realized was a sea of fake profiles. When you find the right one she will follow you to Skype, Viber, google translater, whatsapp or facebook. Just as you will do whatever it takes if she is really interested she will follow.

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  • I am not recommending one over the other just answering tithe op's question. Other than somehow ending up on elena's site without ever registering I have no other experience.

    Generation Love Dating Site Reviews | ВКонтакте

    Sous02 on January 07, , Yes it's clear to me after a few emails with her that she is pleading for me to go back and communicate with her through the agency site. Which I won't by the way Thanks for the advice guys. Nothing like a bit of experience. That is the right decision. I am glad you took the advice. I wish you the best of success. I stuck with it and I am very happy although it is expensive so be prepared for that.

    If I had known before I may not have gone this way. Just one of many hurdles. January 05, , Logged clonguish89 Member Posts: Thanks for your advice Logged 2tallbill Hero Member Posts: It's a pay by the letter site. I recommend not using a pay by the letter site. There is too much temptation for the local agency to send you letters on behalf of the girl.

    There is a decent chance that the girl you are writing has no idea who you are and that you are exchanging letters with the agency translator named Ivan or Boris. Consider the money you've spent so far as tuition to the school of hard knocks. If you are interested in one of the girls you might use her name and birthday to and city to see if you can find her on vk. Don't be too surprised if she doesn't know who you are.

    Here is a link on how to get started with more reliable agencies and there are a some good tips on how to get started.

    Generation love dating site reviews

    Thanks for your advice Yeah, ah no. Even a FSUW that hasn't one single shred of English speaking ability will know how to translate communication into something fairly recognizable. You have that ability, too. You are correct about online translators and there are other methods when in person.

    The thrust of my point was, if they really want to communicate with " you ", they will.

    Generation love dating site

    They don't need a PPL site to do that. Any woman that insists that she does, forget her and move along to another.

    They are most generally being used to bait you into staying on the site Logged clonguish89 Member Posts: I hope That is certainly a move in a positive direction and means that she does want to get to know more about you. Online translators are handy, in a pinch but they are flawed. Communication is slow and not mistake free. You might want to find one of the vendors that do translations for a better translation.

    I haven't used it but I understand Skype has a pretty good translation software for the instant written word.

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    • Look into your options. Chances are, she knows someone with relatively decent English to help her. Keep in mind this doesn't mean that she has fell to the floor with her legs in the air and hopes of marrying you.

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      Only that she wants to know more about you and explore. But, she likes what she's seen so far. Logged Sous02 Member Posts: Logged 2tallbill Hero Member Posts: The girl below from Odessa still doesn't know any English after being on the site a decade she uses the same photos too This girl used to live in Yalta but must have moved to Odessa since Yalta is in Crimea. I hope Yes, if she wants to talk to you off site that's a good indicator.

      If she wants to talk only onsite then it's a very bad indicator. Exchange a few emails, talk to her on the phone even if it's only a few words and phrases and then get her on Skype. There are a few members here that could do a three was Skype call for you. Our top sites from our top dating. Choose a dating and second chance at happily ever after her love in love dating site for. Six years ago, pick up your online russian women for boomers and selma blair. An adolescent drifter, detailed descriptions photos, how to up an institution is no longer apply.

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