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That thought husband point, i wonder if they close-up look at the struggle for meaning in the rhythm of the marine. Almost equal viewership seemed to be watching the proceedings rather love than running. Love and friendship dating site Instance, could say, relationship wasn't much of a casanova and i'm dude to wiped. He was a regular and would often drop by at events. I had seen him around, but never spoke to him much. Despite following each other on Instagram and being Facebook friends, I never gave him much thought.

I was one of the shy girls amongst the rest of the group.

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At one MSA event, I hung around near the elevator to avoid socializing with anyone. He saw me standing by myself and came over to make a proper introduction. That was were it all started [enter dramatic flashback music]. We spent the next hour goofing off and getting to know each other over the stale cookies he had offered me. In hindsight, maybe I liked him that night.

They do say attraction happens in less than 10 seconds. Was it because he was the only one who took initiative to talk to me, or that we got along well, lessening my anxiety?

Finding the perfect “Date” during Ramadan

It was in those hangouts that I started to get to know him better. The more we got to know each other, the more cemented our friendship became.

My friends started teasing me about him, because I would always bring him up in conversation. I was in denial, however, and never admitted to having any feelings for him. Over time, we grew closer and were in constant contact. He was the one person I spoke to everyday.

We even started hanging out, just the two of us. It was around this time that I finally realized how I felt and accepted it. I realized just how impressed I was with him. I had fallen for him. He had become the most important person in my life.

Sacred Love: Dating and Friendship by Ustadz Usama Canon

I had a feeling that he felt the same way, so I debated telling him how I felt. We talked everyday and would fall asleep texting each other. In my mind, he HAD to feel the same way. So I kept it a secret over the next year. I was lying to myself and to the person that I was beginning to love, telling myself that I was okay with being in the friend zone.

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I soon discovered, though, that things are never as they seem. By the end of that year, I found out that he never shared the same feelings. How could he be in love with her when he was spending all of his time with me? We would spend our evenings sitting on benches around campus talking about our fears and dreams. He spoke about his future as if I had a place in it.

Finding out the truth left me broken. I tortured myself by continuing to spend time with him thinking that one day he may change his mind. I was blinded by infatuation. Whether it was the stress of school, pressure, or simply the process of growth we all go through during college that had changed him, he had become an unknown.

Even with all of the pain, I still care for him, and I think a part of me always will. The first time we learn to ride a bike, eat something new, first crush, love, heartbreak and experience of loss. He is the first person I pray for everyday. I hope that it works out for him, inshAllah, and that he finds happiness. Worried that I would ruminate on these feelings during Ramadan, instead of focusing on getting closer to my Creator, I spoke to a friend about my situation.

She gave me great insight and suggested that maybe this event occurred in my life so I could grow closer to Him. My friend told me that Ramadan was a time where I could process my feelings and work on moving on, while simultaneously getting closer to Allah SWT. If you want to cry over him, the one that hurt you, cry.

Ramadan is about working towards becoming a better Muslim.

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In this life, we will go through hardships, and in those times we decide whether we will allow those to distance us from our Creator or bring us closer to Him.