Dating a free spirited woman

Many things can scare a free spirit out of a relationship. Some can be what you might consider inconsequential little quirks. Many of them may not be your fault. Just hang in there.

2. You Travel When You Want To

If something is happening in your free spirits life that has to do with you, and if it's making their life a little more difficult, don't give up. They may back off for a while, even threaten breaking up. Don't try to convince them not to, but don't go along with it either.

If they try to break up, just tell them you don't want to.

2. It’s hard for people to get to know us

Say how good you guys are together. If they end up breaking up with you, refrain from moving on right away. This might hurt, but they could change their mind. Get to know the person inside-out.

The Harsh Struggles Free-Spirited People Face Daily

Study their tendencies, their quirks, their deepest desires, and their worst fears. Always be accepting and open-minded.

Never Date A Girl Over 25

Knowledge is power; the better you know this person, the less you'll feel the need to control them. With time, moreover, this will make you seem like the only person who really gets it and, by extension, the only person they can be their uninhibited self around. To a free spirit, this is the jackpot.

Choose your battles wisely. For example, if they're 15 minutes late and you end up missing a movie, roll with the punches and see the next one; however, if they're 45 minutes late to pick you up in the middle of the night in a bad neighborhood, there's a serious discussion to be had. Give them the benefit of the doubt. A person who values their independence will truly test your ability to trust. You need to determine early on whether or not you can trust this person; if you feel you can, then trust them completely or not at all.

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Sure, you might get burned, but you also might capture the heart of a person that no one else could touch. Get in touch with your own free spirit. Get in your car and take a road trip. Visit an old friend. Watch a new movie.

How to Tame a Free Spirit: 9 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

The mere thought of conforming because of social pressure makes your skin crawl. One of the most defining characteristics of a free spirit is that they have learned to tango with fear. The fear of what others will think and the fears of both failure and success cripple the lives and aspirations of millions of people all around the world.

To be a free spirit is to refuse to be tamed by fear of any kind. You feel it, as we all do, but you stand tall despite it and keep moving forward.

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Nothing— no person nor outer or inner force— will keep you from expressing your authentic self. Another one of the most prominent features of a free spirit is their unwillingness to be chained down by any one thing in life. Sure, you might have a passion that you devote yourself to.

5 Signs You’re a True Free Spirit Who Can Never Be Tamed

However, you find yourself regularly changing things within your life such as your physical appearance, hobbies, quirky obsessions, and might find yourself moving frequently. This kind of woman always has a racing mind.

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  6. 1. We get bored too easily.
  7. 1. You’re Independent;
  8. As I mentioned before, she is constantly in search of the things that truly set her soul on fire. If you can, learn about them. Talk with her about them.

    Fuel her so that you, too , can be something that sets her soul on fire. Although many believe the two words are interchangeable, I believe they are different. You should also find ways to inspire her though. Talk to her often—but remember to give her space.

    Try to understand where she is coming from. Some understanding and communication is sure to settle her right on back down.