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From a career perspective it's just a narrower field for men.

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That sounds about right. I think another reason is that some of those finance guys want to date women who are not as professional as them, so that narrows the field down even more for the women who are in professional fields as well. I met my current SO off of Tinder a month and a half before I turned We've been together for a year and a half, we're living in a ridiculously tiny living situation in an excellent neighborhood.

We are very committed to each other and I feel incredibly lucky to have met him. Taking responsibility for yourself is extremely important. You have to get very clear on what you're looking for in a partner, long-term goals as well as your emotional patterns and needs. If you move here I very highly suggest getting a therapist to help you look at these things. Equally important is setting boundaries and knowing when to say no.

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Not only in, "will I have sex with this guy? You're 29, you want kids, you don't have time to waste on dudes you're not feeling it with. A second date can very easily turn into 3 months with the wrong person. Just say no if you're not feeling it. Once I got clear on what I wanted; as well as got a handle my emotional issues that kept me in a cycle of terrible relationship choices, I started to LOVE dating here.

Through Tinder I met a bunch of interesting guys, many of whom were struggling with issues of their own and a number of really nice guys who I just didn't click with.

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It would also be a really good way for you to get to know the city. In speaking about your career, absolutely move here. I don't know what business you're in, but NYC is the edge of the world and it attracts some of the most intelligent, driven people. It will be an excellent growth opportunity for you to be here for your work, even if only for a few years.

You will grow intellectually, become more efficient and expand your interpersonal skills. Damn I envy you NYC folks' ability to just "go for coffee and a walk" as a date.

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That's not very good idea in the burbs. A "walk" would quickly lead to quiet places in the dark where a first date wouldn't wanna go.

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It's not easy to find a significant other. But, like, it shouldn't be. The fact that it's rare is what makes it significant. I really liked dating here. I had an open mind. I used apps exclusively, because everyone here is on them. But I kept at it and then, through the exact same process I used to meet all the other chicks, I met my current girlfriend and immediately deleted every app and haven't thought about single life since.


That's kind of how it goes here. You have fun, meet a lot of people, don't think you're looking for anything serious, and then you by sheer probability come across someone you are ridiculously compatible with and that's that. I'll chime in with my own NYC dating experience. I've been dating in NYC the last two and a half years.

Yes, it is hard. What someone said earlier about there being so much choice here is both a wonderful and a really annoying thing. I've found a number of guys who want to end things as soon as something gets even slightly difficult or challenging. I've dated a LOT and heard a lot of stories from friends. People in NYC tend to be on a later "timeline" of sorts compared to other cities. I know people in a bunch of other cities getting married and having kids already where most of my friends here are still just swiping along.

So yes, it is really hard to date here and at times, yes it does suck! I've gone on some amazing dates and some terrible dates. I've gotten some pretty funny stories and met some fascinating people that have taught me a lot about myself and what I want or don't want. The type of person I want to share a life with is very different from the person I thought I wanted two years ago. But, coming here as a 29 year old with a great job, you'll be fine. You'll meet some weirdos, but if you try to stay positive about the whole thing, you'll have a great time and hopefully find your partner along the way.

As a personal recommendation, I've found Bumble to be far and away better than Tinder. So many dead conversations there There are other apps that are popular here, I just don't personally use them. Think about it this way, there are more dog owners than there are those with children. If you're a successful man, it's easy to find a successful woman.

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If you're a successful woman, you have a lot of competition. NYC is competitive with everything. You're already 29, and I assume you want to start having kids by 35, therefore you only have 6 years which really isn't a lot since you haven't even found the right one. We can order up a human being in the same way we can order up pad thai on Seamless. We think intimacy lies in a perfectly-executed string of emoji. We say romance is dead, because maybe it is, but maybe we just need to reinvent it.

Maybe romance is deleting Tinder off your phone after an incredible first date with someone. When we choose—if we commit—we are still one eye wandering at the options.

Our choices are killing us. We think choice means something. We think opportunity is good. We think the more chances we have, the better.

But, it makes everything watered-down. We long for something that we still want to believe exists. Yet, we are looking for the next thrill, the next jolt of excitement, the next instant gratification. We see a limitless world in a way that no generation before us has seen. We can open up a new tab, look at pictures of Portugal, pull out a Visa, and book a plane ticket. There are always other tantalizing options. Open up Instagram and see the lives of others, the life we could have. We wonder why nothing lasts and everything feels a little hopeless.

And, even if we find it. Say we find that person we love who loves us. Then, quickly, we live it for others. We throw our pictures up on Instagram. This is not what we share. Then, we see these other happy, shiny couples and we compare.